We help individuals and businesses setup their own low-cost, low-maintenance and secure in-house private server computers,
to minimize the use of public cloud servers that may result in privacy leaks and unnecessary monthly expenses.
Privacy Protection

Using your own VPN Server is the best way of privacy protection when you are on public WiFi or Internet access points of others.

Freedom of Internet Access

VPN tunneling is also a proven solution for break-through on the Great Firewalls of Internet filtering / blocking.

File Backup

A reliable File Server to keep a copy of your important data is the only rescue in case of disastrous happenings, seriously!

Personal Web Presence

Designing and editing your own website requires NO knowledge of computer languages, but typing and clicking.

Online Store

Running your own full-featured eCommerce Website Server to sell goods and services online, hence get paid instantly.

Online School

Teaching / tutoring online with tools on your own LMS Server for students at every corner of the world.

Enterprise Management

Administering any business or organization, large or small, simple or complicated, with an ERP Server.

Domain Email System

Using your own Domain Email Server for communication to build a professional image and protect your business secrets.

Saving Money

Full IT functionalities with NO IT staff, NO service contract, NO per-user charge, NO per-app charge and NO data charge.

Essentials to Survive in the Mobile Era.

Part I >> why you need to protect yourself and your business with in-house VPN?