Case Studies


Shaleen has a Bachelor of Science degree and is offering after-school tutoring service at home. She has some students from the local community, and wants to expand her service into Internet. She needs a website for marketing and a learning management system to offer better user experience for her students.


We recommend the eLearn Start-up Server. The server is loaded with WordPress web-authoring software and Moodle learning management system, configured and secured.


Shaleen needs to have 2 things ready before we install and set up the server for her:
1. Registration of a domain name for her website.
2. High speed internet connection at home.


We helped Shaleen to register and own a domain name for her website. The registration and renewal fee is US$9 per year.
Shaleen made a one-time payment of Cad$2,190 plus HST to purchase a eLearn Start-up Server from us, with WordPress and Moodle installed and configured.
Shaleen already has Rogers high speed internet at home. She hooked up the server to share Rogers Internet service at no additional cost to her.


Shaleen now hosts her own website and online teaching platform at home, both are accessible worldwide on the Internet.
She spent a couple of weeks to learn about using WordPress and Moodle. Both software are easy to manage and no knowledge of computer programming is required. There are plenty of tutorials on the Internet. With some quick and effective assistance (using our on-demand service when she needs) from us, she designed and built her own website, and has been managing Moodle effectively.
The website works as a professional image for her to promote her tutoring service. Combined with other marketing tools such as traditional flyers, she successfully got more students coming from her local community as well as far-away areas.
Moodle is a great help for her to teach students of different grades or on different subjects the same time.  She creates, edits and publishes her courses on the Moodle system using various modules (book, assignment, quiz, webpage, URL for videos, downloadable files, etc.).  She no longer need to print a lot on paper.  Her students just login to Moodle and do whatever Shaleen instructs them to do such as reading a chapter of the book, do an assignment, complete a quiz, etc.  There are many interactive and fun ways for a teacher to engage students in a course, and parents can also monitor the learning progress of their children.  In fact,  Moodle has helped Shaleen to become much more efficient and competitive in tutoring services.

Cost and Expense Review for the Project:

Shaleen had a one-time payment of Cad$2,190 plus HST for the server machine.
The server machine is of low maintenance.  She requires no service contract for maintaining her website and Moodle.
Power consumption of the server machine is minimal.
Shaleen needs to renew the domain name of her website which costs US$9 per year.
She saves a lot on ink and paper expenses every month now.
There are no other extra cost or monthly fees involved with implementing this project.