About Us

We help individuals and businesses set up in-house (at home or in workplace) server computers to meet their IT service demands.

Our turn-key IT solutions are simple and affordable for everyone, which require NO IT staff, NO service contract, NO per-user charge, NO per-app charge, and NO data charge.  These solutions are created and backed by a team of individuals who have years of experience in electronic engineering, computer programming, graphical design, and education administration, etc.  We offer technical support whenever needed.

We take orders that are customized to your demands, and our extensive experience may help you go further.  For example, our accredited school principal trainer may help you set up a private school in Ontario with proper license and staff structure to grant OSSD credits; our website designer can help you deploy a professional eCommerce website in the shortest possible time so that you can turn a brilliant business idea into reality before others do; our user training programs can help you master the skills of running an online business efficiently.

All server computers are fully setup and configured for use immediately.  Just plugin and go.  Some customer side preparations are required, which include wired Internet connection and router settings.

Prices are quoted in Canadian currency.  We ship to most destinations of Canada and most places in the world.

All sales are final.  Our standard warranty covers 3 months hardware replacement and 3 months software functionality.  Warranty for special or discounted products may differ.

We run our business with low profit margin.  Therefore, return shipping costs for any hardware replacement will be the responsibilities of purchasers.